Below are list of publications that are designed to manipulate the reader by minimizing the damage of parental alienation and pathogenic parenting, citing biased opinions and deliberately omitting scientific publication with outcomes research showing excellent results with protective separation and workshops. E.g. Ms. Mercer is not a mental health professional, does not have a license to practice, never assessed or diagnosed a child, and has no original work studying alienating children. She has extreme views that are dangerous to children and serves the purpose of alienating parents. 



Mercer: Are intensive parental alienation treatments effective and safe for children and adolescents?

Shaw: Misperceptions and misapplications of research in family law cases: Myths of “Parental Alienation Syndrome” and implanted false memories 

Mercer: Examining Parental Alienation Treatments: Problems of Principles and Practices 

Milchman: How far has parental alienation research progressed towards achieving scientific validity?

Rowen: Parental Denigration Boomerangs Versus Alienates: Parent-Child Closeness, Reciprocity, and Well-being Using Multiple Informants 

Conners: Advocating for child clients in custody cases involving parental alienation issues 

Lubit: Valid and invalid ways to assess the reason a child rejects a parent: The continued malignant role of “parental alienation” 


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